M-6131 Bluetooth NFC Hi-Fi Audio Receiver Lossless Amplifier Box Adapter - White

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1. Support multiple audio output ports: can connect with 3.5mm headset stereo system speaker; Support USB 5V DC output also can charge iPad iPhone; 2. New Bluetooth NFC desktop audio receiver can connect with any Bluetooth device also offer a new function --- NFC. Touch once to pair with your smartphone or pair by Bluetooth and you're ready to hear great music. Built-in NFC Bluetooth 3.0 and stream your audio entertainment instantly from any Bluetooth or NFC smartphone; Works with your choice of speakers: Plug the receiver into virtually any powered speakers. When listen to music you can also charge your smartphone by the receiver at the same time. 3. Product Features: Bluetooth V3.0 NFC function make your audio entertainment(without Bluetooth) connect with any Bluetooth smartphone Better sound without wires : After connected with smartphone tablet... you can listen the music video games through your good speakers /sound system; Keeps your mobile devices mobile: Without having to dock your mobile device or wire it to your sound system Hands free : Built-in Microphone you can answer your phone by this receiver Built-in USB charging port you can charge your smart device by this receiver. 4. System Support: All Bluetooth audio device; NFC available device

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